For Barbers

Our Tribe Is Passionate About Shearing, Shaving, & Selling:

Bolt Barbers experience a unique and different environment in which to practice their craft, which is unusual both for the industry and compared to other industries.  Not a team, Bolt Barbers is a tribe because our strong culture encourages individuality and not conformity.

If you are passionate about barbering, believe that “everyone” looks good in a men’s haircut, licensed as a barber (and we mean Barber, Kapish) and awesome with clippers and the straight edge razor….we want you in our tribe at BOLT BARBERS! We are constantly growing both our existing and new locations…so it is time you come talk to us about your life!

BOLT craves schooled, hip, vibrant barbers to join the tribe at BOLT BARBERS. You’ll help an outrageous community of social beasts, like residents, executives, students, fashionista’s, unusuals, and artists, chill at BOLT BARBERS while crafting awesome tapers, fades, flats, hawks, designs, military cuts, clipper cuts, business man cuts, and any other cut imaginable!

We’re not a franchise and we’re not a chain. We are an authentic barbershop in Los Angeles.

We’ve got an unusually motivating commission structure with multiple earnings opportunities through shearing and shaving, sales of Molton Brown, Art of Shaving, & Bolt Barbers Stuff, and growth potential galore. Contact us at to be considered for a barbering position at Bolt Barbers.