All Aboard Bolt Barbers Monkey Train Opening 1P, 11/25 at Container Park, Downtown Vegas.

After 18 months of planning, waiting, construction, & patience, Bolt Barbers is thrilled to annouce that Monkey Train opens for business at 1P on 11/25/13 at 707 East Fremont Street, Box Car & Caboose #1140, Downtown Las Vegas, NV 89101 702 988 2233

Bolt Barbers Monkey Train is the Worlds First Barbershop situated aboard two stationary “stuff and mount” railroad train cars, a 1953 Box car & a 1967 Union Pacific Caboose. Monkey Train is at Container Park, an iconic retail incubation center & “mall antithesis” offering community centric shopping, services, food, drinks, entertainment, activities, & play in the heart of booming DOWNTOWN Las Vegas. Container Park is the latest addition to the burgeoning Fremont East District which is undergoing transformational change to become “The Most Community Friendly City” in the world.

Monkey Train consists of a stationary two railroad car train set permanently situated at Container Park.. The Caboose is outfitted with three turn of the century solid oak & brass barber chairs, art deco theatre fold down waiting chairs, and 3 plasma screens including a PS3 Play Point in the Caboose Cupola. The Cupola also serves as a vantage point to watch outdoor activities across the Container Park and also provides “the best seat in the house” to watch scheduled entertainment back stage at Container Park. The Box Car is outfitted with Five Mid Century Chrome & Stainless Koken President barber chairs with unique “Chevy Bel-Air” Vintage Black on White upholstery. The Box Car features fold down military spec Hum Vee jumps seats mounted onto the “waiting wall” and two 60 inch Plasma Screens mounted against each end of the car.

Monkey Train’s Caboose was acquired in 3/2012 from a local Henderson, NV Fireman who had the Caboose installed in his back yard as a tricked out haunted house for Halloween. Previously, the Caboose, which was built in 1967 by Union Pacific was used as the Ticket Office of the now demolished MGM Theme Park, Vegas. It served its duty as a caboose for Grand Canyon Railways in the years leading up to its stationary service in Las Vegas.  Monkey Train’s Box Car was purchased at a Barstow Scrap Yard in 6/2012. The box car was sans many of its original parts including trucks (wheels), hitch points, and other necessities. Kind and generous donations and a Stockton, CA stockyard of train parts brought the box car back from junk to jive.

Bolt Barbers Monkey Train is a community collaboration between Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project and Bolt Barbers. Funding for the project was made possible through DTP Small Business. We are very grateful to Tony Hsieh, Don Welch, Barry Conrad, Doug McPhail, and others at DTP Small Business & Zappos.Com for their belief in our concept and the return on community it should generate.

Very special thanks to Trinity, Elliot & Colleagues at Trinity Haven Development for their tireless train-set restoration, a project which took far longer to complete than it did to conceive. We love you dudes!

No mention of Monkey Train can be complete without mention of the late Jody Sherman, who, as a serial entrepreneur and friend, served as both the inspiration for Bolt Barbers Las Vegas entry and for the idea of a barbershop aboard a train. Spotted on Craig’s List, Jody actually drove Bolt Founder Mohawk Matt  out to Henderson late one Tuesday night in February 2012 to look at the caboose. The pair decided instantly this was it….and Jody worked enthusiastically  to get others at DTP excited about the Monkey Train venture. We’ll never forget you, Jody. R.I.P.

For more information about Bolt Barbers and/or Monkey Train, contact Mohawk Matt, Bolt Barbers Founder at 213 595 3424.