Bolt Bail-Out……..Our Big Fat 50% Greek Bond Haircut Deal. Too True To Be Good!

Go Get Our Greek Bond Haircut Deal at Bolt Barbers!

We’ve teamed up with Redken to bring our homies, many who know nothing about the crisis in Greece an unbelievable Greek Haircut Deal.

Forty Bucks gets you:
-A Bolt Shear ($25 Value)
-Any Redken Styling Product ($15 Value)
-Any Redken Shampoo ($12 Value)
-Peeping Chimps Hanging Mens Toiletry Case ($22 Value)
-Redken Fifth Ave Back Pack ($6 Value).

$40 Gets You $80 in stuff. No other discounts or offers apply. While Supply Lasts.

Listen up to learn what Steve Chiotakis and White Board Expert Paddy Hirsch have to say about the crisis. From Marketplace on NPR, Recorded with Mohawk Matt