Bolt Barbers are NOT Cosmetologists. Join our Tribe!

In a world chock full of cosmetologists and salons, Bolt Barbers offers licensed barbers a refreshing sanctuary AWAY from all the drama, color services, mirror facing cuts, and unisex b/s that has become somehow “normal” in the biz. Our tribe consists ONLY of barbers and what we do is mens hairstyles (although not just exclusively on men!). Shearing & shaving in an authentic environment unlike any other in the country.

Watch the video Ashton Kutcher Produced about Bolt Barbers, Then visit our website at

Intrigued? Licensed? Reliable?

We’d love to talk with you about commissioning you as a barber on our tribe. Stop by our shop in Weho and speak with us. Discover what’s ahead for you and your budding barbering career! Or e mail us and tell us about yourself. We’d ask that you NOT telephone us as we are busy serving our hairy beasts…we are sure you can understand and respect this wish.