Whew. We’ve Opened!

On behalf of Shear, Shave, & Shine, our unfamously infamous three little clipper chimps, representing our pride and passion, we thank downtown Los Angeles for the warm welcome we received to our new hood. Lot’s of surprises, including an unannounced visit by Mother Hawk, creator of Mohawk Matt, Ribbon Shearing by Orlando Ward of the Midnight Mission using a sheep shearing clippers (supplied courtesy of Ross Cutlery), and over 75 Happy Hawked Beasts who helped raise two grand for The Midnight Mission. Lot’s of special people to thanks for giving birth to the beast. Bolt’s Ring Leader Mr Chadwick & Sous Ring Leader & Mullet Junkie Sinjun , Shine Master Happy feet, Ricky, Bryson, & Gary from CCI, Jesse from J&J Barber, Nicholas, Simon, Cal from Perspective Branding, Mary from the Morgan Network, Joji from Downtown Properties, Anastasia from my Past, Present, & Future , John from the LAAC, Motivational Barber Ivan Zoot from Andis, Author Dr Mic Hunter, & of course The Awesome Barbering Tribe at Bolt.