The Joshua Wigger Art Wall

The Joshua Wigger Art Wall Installation can be seen now through 7/31/11 at Bolt Barbers DTLA Flagship.

Joshua Wigger Biography

Joshua Wigger is a self-taught artist from Fresno CA. He has an arsenal of creative abilities which include illustration, graphic design, tattoo design, live (rhythmic) painting and mural painting. Wigger puts a great deal of emphasis in his mural paintings as the scale allows for him to dance throughout the piece, this permits him the freedom to use aerosol and exterior house paint in an unconventional manner. Wigger’s murals often depict a large figure in a majestic atmosphere or imaginative environment where motion and vivid colors sync. They evoke a dream-like feeling full of symbolism, shapes, anamorphic creatures which combine animals, insects and humans that metamorphosize into plant like forms.  “Imagination puzzles” is a phrase Wigger commonly uses to explain his work “they are intended and directed at the viewer to construct their own story”.

Joshua has now painted murals throughout Europe, California and Oregon, he was recognized by the city of Fresno for his mural on The Econo Inn and has painted various schools and lectured throughout California. Wigger was recently published in ‘Under Republic Magazine’, ‘Pop Surrealism magazine’ and ‘Mural Art 4’ which features muralists from around the world. Wigger continues to work throughout California painting murals on various schools, and businesses. He currently resides in Los Angeles CA where he exhibits paintings and studies Audio engineering.