Groomsmen Parties For Social Beasts

Looking for a unique experience for the Groomsmen at your wedding, not available at Costco?

Bolt Barbers is available for Mobile shearing, shaving, & shining for your wedding party event.  Or book the dudesmen in for a morning (or evening) of shearing, shaving, & shining at a private party event at Bolt Barbers Monkey House in our DTLA Flagship.  Whether you choose to take Bolt Barbers “On Location” or bring the boys to our two barbershops, we’ll make sure they are taken care of without girly salon pampering or snobish gentlemens club crap that guys generally hate. Authentic old school barbering in a terrific environment with good convivial conversation will make your special day awesome.  For more details, contact our recently married chief dude greeter and supreme coordinator of wedding events at Bolt Barbers, Phil “The Drill” DeCastro at 213 232 4716.  He’ll make sure in laws will not fret over clashing cape and smock colors and provide well deserved dude air cover so the social beasts in your gang can just be social beasts. Call him homies & homettes!