Mohawk Matt with America Now on choosing your hairstyle!

Mohawk Matt with America Now on choosing your hairstyle.

Ladies, has your man been wearing the same hairstyle since you met him? It may be because he hasn’t found a style that’s right for him. And guys, you know who you are.

Beauty Expert Jessica Metivier traveled to Bolt Barbers to show you how to determine which hairstyle suits you best!  And nobody knows that better than “Mohawk Matt,” who opened Bolt Barbers just over two years ago.

“Finding the right hairstyle is all about finding a style that really complements your face shape,” says Jessica.

So how do you know what your face shape is?

“The heads we see coming into the shop most frequently are oval, diamond, and triangular,” says Matt. “Let’s start with oval, the easiest head shape a dude can rock. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got an oval head!”

On a diamond-shaped head, Matt says he elongates the structure because a diamond is already an elongated structure — so something like a faux hawk, which crests at the top and even around the tale, is going to look phenomenal on a diamond-shaped head.

A triangular-shaped head has a very pronounced forehead and a very chiseled chin.

“I like to do very, very short on the top, perhaps a flat top, just to bring maximum eye appeal and eye attention to the top of the head,” says Matt.

Most guys hate spending a lot of time on their hair cut, so what’s a good solution for guys that are really low maintenance?

“Keep it short,” suggests Matt. “If you don’t want to wake up in the morning and do a lot of styling and use a lot of product, short hair is going to be much, much more wash and go.”

The most popular styles right now, according to Matt, are pompadours or a short back and sides.

“Try something new. Try something different that you haven’t rocked before. Have fun with it. It’s hair; it grows back,” Matt adds.

So take time to find the hairstyle that’s right for you and your face. Not only will it make you happy, but it’ll probably make the lady in your life pretty happy too!

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