The Three Keys To A Great Dudes Haircut

Mohawk Matt, founder of Bolt Barbers LLC was recently asked by MSN what are the three keys to a really great mens haircut. Here was his response:

What are the three keys to a really great dudes haircut:
1)Choose a barber!
Notice the word “barber”. Not stylist. Not cosmetologist. Not Hair Dresser. That’s right, a Barber. Unless you are a hippie, and prefer to remain that way.

A barber has a mens hair cutting education, license, and skill set that differentiates them from stylists, hair dressers and cosmetologists. The latter three will be referred to hereinafter as Cosmetologists as the state board of governance which licenses them, calls them.

Unlike Cosmetologists, barbers have been schooled with the clippers and the straight edge razor and have spent their entire school life learning how to use perhaps 8 different clippers (maybe more) to cut your hair like a guy should look. That clipper work is simply not learnt in Cosmetology school where the focus is on long hair, coloring, and perms. Cosmetologists also cut mens hair, but mainly to increase their paycheck, not because they are particularly well schooled in authentic old school barbering techniques.  Barbers on the other hand, know only mens styles. They do them day in, day out. They are masters of the many clippers and the straight edge razor they use and know how to use these “unique to barbering” tools.

Finding a barber though can be tricky, unless you live in “The Hood”.  Many chains which call themselves “barbershops” and have a pole spinning out front are in fact “Cosmetology Shops”,and use the word “Barbershop” because it has become cool, hip,& retro to call a stylist shop a barbershop. Avoid these places as you will not find barbers in these “Unisex Styling Shops”. You’ll find good music, but not barbers.  If in doubt, ask the person who will cut your hair if they have a barbers license or a cosmetology license.
2) Choose a Taper
Many dudes don’t even know what a taper is . That’s because barbers have not been cutting their hair.  A taper is a way to finish the back of a mens haircut such that the hair tapers down to skin at the nape without a “demarcation line” across the back of the head.  That line, either squared off or rounded is a horrible way to finish a dudes haircut. That’s because it is sudden and severe. The muscular angularity of a mans back of head, neck, shoulders, and back is the very essence of definition of physique which makes a guy look like a guy.  A properly executed taper (which is much more difficult to cut than a simple line), creates angularity, texture, and interest in the back of a mans head. It looks good. And it feels good. Get a taper. You’ll be glad you did.
3)Don’t conceal hair loss.
Going bald? Shave your head. Hair line receding? Have your barber line up the front to accentuate your face and forehead. Bald spot in the back? Go high and tight on the sides.  Under no circumstances should you ever conceal hair loss. No comb overs dudes. They look horrible. And the only person you are kidding is yourself.
Mohawk Matt is Founder and Chief Barber at Bolt Barbers LLC in Downtown LA.  All barbers at Bolt Barbers are licensed Barbers! Visit for more information.